The Cupboard is Bare – Temporarily

I have spent the morning stripping away the content of my website. Built with the materials of a now extinct management career, the substance of what I long ago placed there changed little and became essentially obsolete as far as reflecting my retirement interests. So now my digital cupboard is bare, but only temporarily. For I am also in the process of compiling new stuff to present in a new format that will hype what I plan to do during the remainder of my earthly existence.

This is not happening in isolation, however. I have engaged the services of someone more experienced than me at web design. It goes without saying – although I will say it anyway – that I am working with someone younger and female. This does not mean that younger males lack the necessary skills to design a highly functional website. It simply means that my easily shattered ego prefers the gentler reprimands of the kinder sex when I am being told that something is intuitively obvious. My intuit falls far short of the obvious.

I am working on one seemingly obligatory page and that is a bio about yours truly. This is actually a rather difficult thing to do for someone who has spent a marginally successful career without being a self-promoter. In the new age such a statement goes with the territory of traveling the internet’s multi-lane, high speed highway. This is a point I am willing to concede, but you will find me cruzin’ at the posted speed limit, while slowing down traffic no doubt. I will be easy to recognize since I will be the only one using his turn signals when changing lanes. This kind of change will be a rare feat, but will occur when absolutely necessary.

What I primarily want my website to do is highlight three aspects of my career, which generally went unnoticed (partly due to that self-promotion avoidance factor resolutely lodged in my character) and which I intend to do some more of as time permits. In addition to my Bio page you will also find pages labeled Writer, Producer, and Director. These seemingly creative exploits might appear to run contrary to my primary role as a non-profit administrator with an accounting background. But I did do them. In fact I enjoyed doing them and hope to do some more, even if only on a diminutive scale, such as can be encompassed on a computer, laptop, or iPad screen. In an old guy’s retirement world, size does not matter.

No one ever wanted to hear me use the words creative and accountant in the same sentence, especially when applied to me. So I am shedding one of these appellations. I am no longer an accountant. Hopefully I can lay some claim to being creative. The pages of my new website will tell. It may prove to be worth your while to stay tuned. It will certainly be worth mine.

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