Accounting For YouTube

I am on a path to becoming an influencer. My chosen platform, a word that has now entered my vocabulary thanks to my late in life crisis of purpose, is to create a YouTube channel.

Step one I wrote about last week. To access YouTube I had to submit to the internet authorities and create a Google account. Fait accompli, a French phrase I learned via (a Latin word) the internet. The times they are a-changin’ (Dylan).

Step two is today’s message. Now that I have a Google account I can create the desired YouTube account. I can think of no fancy foreign language phrase to accompany that attainment or an appropriate pop culture quote either. Perhaps a mild form of profanity would suffice. Mom would know.

Once again I turn to the internet as my mentor. My search for how to open a YouTube account lands me on a video featuring a confident young woman, who shepherds me step by step through the process. I dutifully watch the video several times, not because I’m slow to learn but because I enjoy confidence, especially of the blonde hair blue eyed variety. I used to have both.

The trouble with absorbing someone else’s confidence is that it comes with the unstated assertion that the process is intuitively obvious. I am willing to confess on behalf of those of us who lack the composure of blonde confidence that it’s not. So back to watching the video, or maybe another just to be assured that I am not being lured into an on-line scam because I am by nature susceptible to such things.

With fear and trepidation I access the YouTube website and dutifully follow the steps described for me for becoming a YouTube acolyte. I wait to be busted for breaking and entering, but I’m in. I have an account. With it I now have a public presence, the holy grail of influence mania.

Next week: Creating a channel

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