The manager is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. Without his leadership, the resources of production remain resources and never become production.

Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management

Welcome to the home page for D.P.Meyer, LLC providing management consulting services for non-profit organizations. Please make use of the following links to learn more about what I am doing, and have done, to provide my clients with that “life-giving element” which allows them to achieve their desired results.

Archives: Managers take calls, attend meetings and move a lot of paper. The major products of a service career find their final resting places in file folders consigned to cardboard boxes and stored, for seven years at least, on shelves in forgotten rooms. Occasionally, though, you do accomplish a few things that have a longer useful life and are worth remembering. You will find my short list on this page. (Last updated January 9, 2016)

C&NW 1385: The Chicago & North Western No. 1385 is a steam locomotive built by the American Locomotive Company in 1907. It has been owned by the Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society since 1961 and operated by them at their museum in North Freedom, WI until 1998. That year it came out of service for major repairs and has been idle since. In 2011 we launched a major fund raising campaign to restore the locomotive to operating condition once again. Learn more about No. 1385 and the restoration taking place on this mechanical beast listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Last updated February 17, 2014)

GDF: The Gandy Dancer Festival was a free event featuring bluegrass, folk and other roots music and plenty of activities for people of every age. My involvement as part of the planning committee guided the event through its first ten years of providing enjoyable entertainment for all to share. A new team is now responsible for shaping a whole new festival. Follow them on Facebook for updates about GDF 2018  (Last updated December 12, 2017).

MCA: The Mazomanie Charitable Alliance is a new non-profit entity, whose purpose is to seek and administer funds which support charitable causes within the Mazomanie area. (Last updated May 8, 2014).

DDE: The initials stand for Dwight D. Eisenhower, but this page is not about a presidency. Rather it is about the little-known story of a train associated with the famous American general who led the Allied forces to victory in Europe in the 1940s. This is a topic of personal interest by an amateur historian, which helps to break the monotony of keeping tedious office hours.

Web Log: aka Management in Exile, it is another example of self-indulgence. Intended to be a weekly posting about the joys and frustrations of management, it may be more honestly described as the occasional ramblings of an outsider; one who no longer bears the mantle of being President or CEO, except when dining alone. (Last updated January 6, 2014).

For comments or questions you can reach me at dmeyer@dpmeyerllc.com