Ok! So using a black and white image as your “head shot” is an immediate tip-off to the reader that the person in question, which is me, qualifies for every type of senior discount the retail and food service businesses have to offer. I am old. But I am also a native of Southern California, which is my bona fides for being cool.

I am also a firm believer that miracles do still happen. After struggling miserably with school from the time I entered kindergarten until I departed 12th grade, I managed to graduate with honors from California State University in Long Beach with a degree in history. Although upon reflection as I write this, maybe I should concede that I didn’t struggle so much in kindergarten. After all, how can anyone flunk sandbox or finger painting?

My initial career choice was to be a high school teacher. That all changed when my wife told me she thought she was pregnant. And for once she was right. To make sure that I could always provide for my family by being steadily employed, I attended night school and earned a certificate in accounting. This was the field having the most job listings in our local newspaper. The fact that I found my first job using the classified section of a printed publication also dates me. Age is both my legacy and – in this society at least – the unpardonable sin.

An accountant who can explain the meaning behind the numbers without causing peoples’ eyes to glaze over eventually finds the door opening up to middle management positions and ultimately the executive suite. I did attain the title of Executive Director, but the suite was usually a linoleum floored back room, where I struggled to meet payroll and pay the light bill for various small non-profit organizations. All of this claimed a good forty-plus years of my life.

A long career should be able to boast of many accomplishments. And on the Writer, Producer and Director pages you will find a brief account of several such projects, most of them successfully completed. The exceptions are those that are keeping me busy in retirement. The need to write, produce and direct has no thought of succumbing to blue plate specials, knee replacement surgery and social security benefits. You can expect future additions to these pages.