The Mazomanie Charitable Alliance

The Mazomanie Charitable Alliance is a new non-profit entity, whose purpose is like that of any other community foundation; to seek and administer funds which support charitable causes within the local community. The name, however, was intentionally chosen to emphasis the three key components of our mission:

  • To serve the Mazomanie area
  • By supporting Charitable causes
  • Through an Alliance of residents, businesses, service organizations and government.

The Alliance was incorporated by the State of Wisconsin on February 28, 2013 and received confirmation of its charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service on November 20 of that same year. All donations will be receipted and may therefore be claimed as tax-deductible gifts when preparing your income tax return.

What Can The Alliance Do For The Community?

As a public charity the Alliance is authorized to help those projects that fall within the IRS definition of a charitable purpose. Such causes include:

  • Relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged;
  • The advancement of religion;
  • The advancement of education or science;
  • Erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments or works;
  • Lessening the burdens of government;
  • Lessening neighborhood tensions;
  • Eliminating prejudice and discrimination;
  • Defending human and civil rights secured by law; and
  • Combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

How Are These Charitable Programs Funded?

The Alliance is able to help a donor create a fund or direct a gift that best fulfills their personal interest in meeting one or more of these charitable causes. The types of funds and gifts which may be created by the donor include:

A Donor Advised Fund provides you with the means to indicate how the fund’s proceeds should be applied to one or more specific community programs.

A Field of Interest Fund allows you to indicate a broad area of interest to support, while authorizing the board of directors to act on your behalf.

An Undesignated Fund gives the directors of the Alliance full discretion to act on your behalf in meeting the community’s greatest need.

All funds will be established by written agreement, which will govern the director’s actions for the term of the contract. All funds will be invested through the People’s Community Bank as part of an investment pool, unless other investment options are specified by the donor.

Why Create a Fund?

Creating a fund within the Alliance is an inexpensive way for anyone to become a benefactor without incurring the cost of establishing a private foundation. The fund bears your name and supports the causes of your choice.

Why Make a Gift?

A Restricted or Unrestricted gift will be applied in full as indicated by the donor. A gift has an immediate impact while avoiding the need of establishing a fund.

Who Is on the Board of Directors?

The Alliance is governed by a voluntary board of trustees comprised of community leaders:

Jim Craney – Treasurer
Elizabeth Kepler – Secretary
Don Meyer – President
Dick Royston – Vice President

Sue Dietzen serves as the Alliance’s registered agent.

The Mazomanie Charitable Alliance
PO Box 284, Mazomanie, WI  53560