C&NW 1385

The Campaign to Restore Chicago & North Western No. 1385

The Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom, WI is home to a large collection of railroad equipment, representing several railroads that served the upper Midwest during a period some consider the railroad industry’s Golden Age, 1880-1916. One of the most popular pieces in their collection is a steam locomotive built by the American Locomotive Company in 1907 for the Chicago and North Western Railway.

The banner photo for this page, taken by Hank Koshollek, shows the former Chicago and North Western No. 1385 crossing the Wisconsin River at Sauk City on one of its last mainline excursions for the museum in the early 90s. The locomotive was retired from service at North Freedom in 1998, where it has remained idle awaiting the necessary funding for its restoration.

The goal is a complete overhaul, performed by competent professionals in compliance with Mid-Continent’s approved scope of work and specifications, and financed primarily through charitable gifts from outside sources so as not to add a financial burden to the museum’s general operating fund. Click through using this link to access their updates and follow their progress.